A JAX/XLA based library of accelerated models and algorithms for inverse problems in sparse representation and compressive sensing. GITHUB.

Concept Map


  • Haar, Daubechies, Symlets, Coiflets, Biorthogonal, Reverse biorthogonal, Discrete Meyer

  • dwt, idwt, upcoef, downcoef

  • wavedec, waverec

  • dwt2, idwt2

Linear Operators

  • identity, matrix, diagonal, zero, flipud, sum, pad_zeros, symmetrize, restriction

  • running_average, fir_filter

  • fourier_basis, dirac_fourier_basis, cosine_basis, walsh_hadamard_basis

  • gaussian_dict, rademacher_dict, random_onb_dict, random_orthonormal_rows_dict

  • circulant

  • first_derivative, second_derivative

  • neg, scale, add, subtract, compose, transpose, hermitian, hcat, power


  • gaussian, rademacher, dirac fourier, dirac cosine,

Sparse Recovery

  • Greedy Recovery Algorithms: OMP, CoSaMP, SP, IHT, NIHT, HTP, NHTP,

  • Convex Optimization Algorithms: TNIPM, ADMM,

Linear Algebra Routines

  • Triangular systems

Evaluation Framework

Sample Data Generation


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